brand audit & strategy

Simon helps leaders like you to create, build, and communicate great brands. His approach is based entirely on the creation of meaning. An objective audit of your brand can discover not only how to make this essential foundation of your enterprise more effective, but also reveal hidden obstacles to your progress.
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contributive business

The Contributive Business is a new paradigm for entrepreneurs and brand leaders: articulated by Simon in a new short e-book book, and in his talks. Forward-thinking brands are moving beyond the ‘finite game’ of competing with rivals, to the ‘infinite game’ of contributing to the world. Book Simon to speak to your network or organisation about The Contributive Business: it could change the way you think about business and more!
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inspirational keynotes

Simon has spoken all over the world to corporate and organisational audiences about brand, entrepreneurship, and creativity. His keynotes are content-rich with a lively, informal, and honest style which leaves audiences inspired, informed, and keen to put the lessons into action. 
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team workshops

Give your teams the benefit of Simon’s unique high impact workshops: focused on particular skills (creative thinking, problem solving, brand strategy), or tackling any issue you face. 
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mentoring for leaders

Leaders, including entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives, gain immensely from engagement with Simon: encounters that allow you to grow yourself and your organisation in a safe environment, benefitting from Simon's experience and insight.
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RETAINED consultancy

Whatever the business challenge, sometimes the most effective outcome for your organisation will come by working with Simon over an extended period.  
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innovation & problem solving

Using a variety of proven creative thinking and problem solving techniques, most significantly 'morphological analysis' (but never 'brainstorming' because it doesn't work!), Simon can work for you, or with you, to innovate, and to solve seemingly intractable problems.
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equity & Crowdfunding

With extensive experience of raising both equity finance and crowdfunding for start-ups and growing businesses, Simon can help you raise funds more effectively.
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The agency for change

Simon has a strategic partnership with Spring: The Agency For Change, an award-winning communications design agency. The collaboration allows Simon’s clients to bring brand and communications changes to life through design and more.
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Simon has a great knack of asking the right questions, which can often be more difficult than coming up with answers!
He has a terrific talent for getting to the essence of something, and persevering to cut out all woolly thinking until you are left with the great aha moment.
— Aviva