“Simon has a passion for great branding, great customer experience, and excellence per se. His recent work on ‘brand purpose’ is at the cutting edge of what organisations need to be engaged in.”


“Excellent feedback - you were rated top speaker of the conference. Your topic was really well received and excellently delivered.”

Scottish Enterprise

“Simon is extremely creative in his approach to whatever challenges are thrown his way yet his responses are always practical, do-able and fit for purpose; a very unusual combination of qualities. He listens first and talks second - unlike other consultants he never assumes he knows what the problem is. Simon is a personable, sincere, highly intelligent consultant with a refreshing quiet authority.”

Pret A Manger

“A fantastically enjoyable and informative session, carefully prepared to educate and engage our audience. Would love to work with Simon again.”

Pure London


“I’d recommend Simon’s Creative Thinking workshops to anyone who encounters business challenges or problems regardless of industry or marketplace. The content is stimulating, thought provoking and exciting, which combined with Simon’s enthusiasm, professionalism and engaging style, makes it a real winner! We’re hooked and look forward to fostering a relationship which is adding real value to our organisation.”

McCann Manchester


“Simon has a great knack of asking the right questions, which can often be more difficult than coming up with answers! He has a terrific talent for getting to the essence of something, and persevering to cut out all woolly thinking until you are left with the great aha moment. He also has a wonderful personal style that is engaging and great listening skills so even though he often asks tough questions, he never makes you feel stupid.”



“A huge thank you for a wonderful presentation. The whole team seems to have benefited from your knowledge and you made our task so much easier for building our brand story. All I heard all day were positive comments. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you Simon.”



“Simon is a genuine expert in personal branding and his ideas have the potential to change your life.”

Bev James, The Millionaires' Mentor, author of Do It! or Ditch It


“Congratulations on a first-rate presentation that has received very good feedback among our audience... ranking you as the best speaker of the event”

Jacob Fleming Group


“You provided a quality of communication that was both transparent and responsive - your method is very efficient at identifying and extracting current thinking, which is its singular value.”

Norwich University of the Arts


“I can't thank you enough for a wonderful event last night - I'm sure it took everyone at least as long as me to 'come down' afterwards. I was buzzing with energy for ages.”

Thames Innovation Centre

“A brilliant session!”

Comic Relief

“Very many thanks for your contribution to Lead On, which achieved exactly what the conference is all about. It stretched people's thinking, and gave them something practical to take away and use immediately. And like the best of all presentations it left people hungry for more.”

Wales Management Council

“Many thanks for the Morphological Analysis seminar - we've used the technique twice already to significant effect, the first of these may well have saved us £1m of cash flow next year!”


“Thank you for a challenging presentation. It's always difficult for academics to think 'out of the box' and be creative so the challenge was greatly welcomed. There was a great student turn out and the feedback was great - very positive.”

University of East Anglia

“Your session was really focused and well-delivered, with lots of practical ideas. The techniques you showed us enabled us to get to the core of a problem, with lots of possible solutions. We will use these in future to help develop new fundraising initiatives.”

East Anglian Children’s Hospices 

“Thank you!!! Many thanks for your great presentation at our event.”


“Your relaxed style suited the group perfectly. You have a quiet authority which lights up the room. A successful session is not just measured by how much people enjoy it but what can be taken away and genuinely used to take lives/businesses forward - you met the criteria and it was enjoyable too. Fab!”


““Well, what can I say! – an excellent seminar last night. I want to say how much I enjoyed your presentation. You had eloquence in your delivery and there was real business relevance in what you said. You’re a great storyteller and so well read that all your references and asides really engaged everyone. I loved the fact (note use of the word love) that you didn’t use PowerPoint. Your energetic use of multi flip charts and pens was great entertainment –impressive that you knew what was on each page - a real conjuring act!””

Norfolk Network

“Simon is a rare breed – a genius and a superb communicator with an infectious enthusiasm for his subject matter.””

Maw Communications