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Simon has many years' experience advising, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations of every size and kind, as well as individuals wanting to develop and change. In response to frequent requests from readers of his books Build A Brand In 30 Days, and Brand New You, Simon offers a unique one-to-one email mentoring programme. 

It's highly effective for individuals who wish to develop their business and brand strategy, or who want to make substantial change in their lives. For many people face-to-face mentoring is not practical, so the distance mentoring is email based, allowing continuous, intensive and cost-effective contact.

the benefits?

  • Helps clients untangle complex issues

  • Generates breakthrough to new insights and positive action, whether for a business, a brand, or a life journey

  • Provides guidance that is honest, forthright, challenging, informative, and inspiring

How it works

It's a simple and accessible arrangement. For a fixed fee clients have unlimited access to Simon via email for one month - 30 days - starting at any time. During the 30 day programme, clients can ask any question or look for guidance on any topic within the broads areas of: entrepreneurship, brand strategy and tactics, marketing, self-development, personal branding, creativity (including writing) and making positive change.

Getting started

The programme then takes the form of an extended conversation by email. It is driven by the client, and Simon's promise is that he will always respond fully within 48 hours.

flexible arrangement

There are no long-term contracts. Clients sign up and pay for 30 days of unlimited contact – clients can email at any time, on any day, as often as they need. If either side has to break for more than 24 hours due to work or personal commitments (business trips, holidays, illness) then the missed days are added on at the end of the period, within the original fee. Clients can also break off at any point and restart weeks or months later to use their remaining contracted days. After the first 30 days clients can continue for another month or stop as they prefer.


If you are an entrepreneur, an executive, a leader in any kind of organisation, or simply want to review where you are going in your career and life, why not start today?

30 Days Email Mentoring
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Simon is a genuine expert in personal branding and his ideas have the potential to change your life.
— Bev James, The Millionaires' Mentor, author of Do It! or Ditch It