become a contributive business

Customers are demanding more than great products and service. Today’s customers, in every sector, are seeking out companies that they can trust are doing good for society as well as making money. Tomorrow’s customers will demand even more. Simon Middleton calls it a demand for Lasting Moral Value. The companies that embrace this ‘insistence on the good’ will survive long into the future, building brands which are respected and admired. The companies that ignore the challenge will ultimately be found out, and fail.

Whether you’re a start-up or a long-established company, NOW is the time to weave the concept of Lasting Moral Value into your business. NOW is the time to become a Contributive Business.

Simon Middleton is pioneering the concepts of The Contributive Business and Lasting Moral Value in brand building. Book Simon now to train your team to become one of this new generation of brands.

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Introductory workshop or keynote

An introduction to the new age of branding and the concepts of The Contributive Business and how to build Lasting Moral Value as a pillar of your brand and your company.

Available as a half-day workshop or a stimulating and provocative keynote to your Board or your whole Team. This could change everything!

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assessment & certification

Customers will be looking for real signs of the good that companies are doing. Contributive Business certification will provide that recognition.

A methodology for assessment and certification of the elements of Lasting Moral Value and Contributive Business status is under development, and it is hoped first assessments will be available during 2019.

Please contact us to express your interest in the assessment/certification programme.

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take the journey: become a contributive business

Making the growth journey from being a conventional business focused exclusively on competition to becoming a Contributive Business focused on the creation of Lasting Moral Value might be the most important journey your company ever takes.

It’s a shift in perspective that will change your brand story, revitalise your relationships with your people and your communities, and ultimately give your company a role in looking after the planet, rather than simply trading off it.

Small business or corporation, start-up or decades into your journey, it doesn’t matter: NOW is the time to begin. Ask us how we can guide you on the journey.